Three Basic Keys for Achievement from Billionaire Mark Cuban

Three Basic Keys for Achievement from Billionaire Mark Cuban

You probably have heard the name - Mark Cuban. He has a team in NBA (Dallas Mavericks). Cuban, who has a serial entrepreneur identity, is a billionaire name. Cuban is a name that has a billion-dollar custody with its own work. After arriving in the world as a child of a blue-collar family in Pittsburgh, an NBA team depends on three reasons for being a star on a television program on ABC.

"You need the chance, to be a billionaire," he says to Cuban. "Well, you might be a multimillionaire again," he says.

In a television program, Mark Cuban lists three main keys for his success:

1) Prepare

"They say to me, 'You take a lot of risks.' No. I am researching something, preparing myself, and doing so. When you enter a room, you should have the best knowledge about your own company, industry, product and customer. If someone else has more knowledge than you, he will beat you. No matter how strong you are, the only thing you can control in the industry is your own effort. "- Mark Cuban

2) Just Do It!

"When I talk to young students today, they say, 'Do you have a mentor?' Or 'I have a project, can I consult you?' You should do this yourself. Get ready, work on it and do it! They ask, 'Will you help me?' You, you will help yourself. "- Mark Cuban

3) Sell

"You can not do anything without selling. You should sell what you do. You have to learn this. "- Mark Cuban

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