3 Simple Ways to Talk Like a TED Speaker

3 Simple Ways to Talk Like a TED Speaker

As you know, the interest in TED conferences, which take the name of Technology, Entertainment, and Design, is on the rise all over the world. The 18-minute TED talks, which are influenced by the motto of "ideas worth sharing", have been watched over 4 billion on the internet.

But Why? What is the secret to affecting people this much? Is it because of talent? And finally, How Can You Talk Like a Ted Speaker?

Actually, speaking in front of a community is not that scary if you know how to. The most important rule is; If you can not inspire someone else with your ideas, then there is no point in how good those ideas are.

Almost all of the TED talks are perfect speakers because they exactly know how to convey their ideas and thoughts to the people who are in front of them. So, what are these 3 simple ways to talk like a TED speaker?

1) Sentimental

Good talkers can reach your head and they can accelerate your heart rate. Most of the presenters forget the "heart" part. You should be sentimental and affect the people deeply by creating a way to their hearts.

  • Take out the master that inside of you.
  • Be the master of story telling
  • Communicate

2) New

According to Nerve Scientists, the only effective way to draw attention to one is innovation.

  • Teach me something new.
  • Create moments that leave the mouths open.
  • Cheer up.

3) Memorable

You may have new ideas, but if your audience can not remember what you said, these ideas won't be persistent.

  • Stick to the 18-minute rule.
  • Paint a mental picture with multiple emotional experiences.
  • Stay on your strip.

These 3 simple ways are the basics of how you should talk. These are not just for TED talks, you can use them in your daily life too. It will make people listen to what you say. You can make an impact on people with your words. There will be more writings like this in this blog, so submit your e-mail from the Let's Keep In Touch part and stay updated.

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